Why Be Good?

So a Christian who lives in this confidence toward God, a knows all things, can do all things, undertakes all things that are to be done, and does everything cheerfully and freely; not that he may gather many merits and good works, but because it is a pleasure for him to please God thereby, and he serves God purely for nothing, content that his service pleases God. On the other hand, he who is not at one with God, or doubts, hunts and worries in what way he may do enough and with many works move God.

-Martin Luther, Treatise on Good Works

The Bible Makes Sense

…anyone who calmly and patiently reads the Bible as a whole may very well leave many questions about the details open, yet he soon learns to distinguish between where the path is leading and where it is not. But this unequivocal character is not a fact to be grasped by historical or abstract hermeneutical methods. In order to be perceived, it presupposes contemplation of the Gestalt as a whole and, thus, a way of looking in terms of the whole: within the living context of faith and Church.

Benedict XVI, Dogma and Preaching