Politics as Usual

Great op-ed by Joe Scarborough over at Politico, in which he says the following:

Eight years before Bush entered the White House, Republicans (like myself) glared at Bill Clinton as he was being sworn in as president, immediately declaring him unfit for office. Soon after he was sworn in, extremists began claiming that the 42nd president was a Marxist and fascist who sought to destroy the Constitution…The ugliness that followed set a dangerous precedent that fed into the shrillness of the Bush era. And as the Age of Bush mercifully came to a close, a cacophony of enraged right-wing voices welcomed Obama to the White House by accusing him of being a Marxist, a fascist, a Nazi and a racist who hated America and was — stop me if you’ve heard this one before — trying to destroy the Constitution…Obama’s inexperienced White House aides heard those carnival barkers’ attacks and foolishly responded. In doing so, they unwittingly elevated the public standing of Obama’s slanderers and increased these miscreants’ audience size to record levels…Those missteps, as well as the president’s bitterness, are human reactions to the angry tone of our times. But if Obama still believes he can deliver America from “the winter of our hardship,” he should heed his own advice and once again seize the high ground.

Democrats who want Obama to go out and be the partisan warrior are short sighted…